Oral Purity and Freshness

Finally, a South African product that allows you the opportunity to maintain your oral and dental health the natural way. The PUREFRESH range contains no cariogenic, carcinogenic or bacteria fostering elements.

The range consists of a natural herbal toothpaste, oral rinse and freshen-as-you-go lozenges. The main active ingredients are:

Curcuma xanthorriza (CXE), the scientific name for Javanese turmeric, is a natural plant extract. Recent scientific studies have shown that CXE is extremely effective in removing plaque and eliminating the s.mutans that cause tooth decay. Its anti-bacterial properties prevent periodontitis and halitosis.

Another, equally significant addition to the PUREFRESH range is xylitol.

Numerous studies have shown that xylitol curtails enamel erosion and supports remineralisation as it decreases the acid producing bacteria by 90%. It also increases calcium absorption, aids in wound healing and cures respiratory problems. This makes it an excellent healing additive especially for mouth ulcers, minor skin abrasions and combating the first sign of a cold. Xylitol, which has a low glycemic index, is diabetic friendly.

From your thirties onwards, gingivitis and periodontitis are responsible for more tooth loss than cavities. Here rhatany root extract takes centre stage as its anti-bacterial properties create a foundation for strong teeth and gums by acting as a preventative or reversal agent. Its astringent, anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal signature has further endorsed it as an intensive healing element. Schisandra sphenanthera complements and adds to the healing properties of rhatany root with its anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative attributes.

Myrrh and sage are the final active ingredients that have been added to safeguard your oral hygiene. Both have anti-inflammatory and astringent properties thereby, effectively treating gingivitis and periodontitis. Myrrh also heals ulcers and combats halitosis.

Tormentil was added to the lozenges to clean your teeth and freshen your breath throughout the day and to dispense constant healing and soothing for mouth and throat inflammations and denture sores.

As PUREFRESH is concentrated, only a small quantity is needed to be effective and because all the ingredients are natural, there is no need to rinse your mouth after use. PUREFRESH does not overpower your mouth with foam as it contains no SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium LaurethSulfate), the ingredients normally used to create froth.

For more information please visit www.purefresh.co.za

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