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Find A Dentist provides a list of dentists around South Africa. The easiest way to go through this dentist list is to use the drop down menu on the right hand side of this page.

You will be able to select a dentist from the list of cities in alphabetical order. Simply select the city of your choice, and a dentist list will appear with dentists in that area. You can then go into a particular dentist’s profile and find out contact details for that dentist.

How to choose from a dentist list

Choose a dentist based on location and services offered. These are the two most important factors for you when deciding upon a dentist.


Are you looking for a suburban dentist, or a dentist in town? This depends on whether you need a dentist during your workday, or whether you have flexible hours and can visit the dental practice during the day.

Services offered

Are you looking for a general dentist, a cosmetic dentist or a dental specialist? This depends on whether you have pressing dental problems, or are looking to have a better smile. It also depends on your budget, and how important it is to you to have better looking teeth.

How often should you see your dentist

This is a much asked question. We recommend you see your general dentist once every six months for a general checkup, and more if you have any pressing dental needs.

If you are having cosmetic work done, it is important to go for a follow up check within 3-6 months of the treatment so that the dentist can monitor your progress.

The time to see a dental specialist depends very much on the treatment offered, and the dentist will make recommendations to this effect.

You will find all these types of dentist on the dentist list on the right hand side of this page.

It is also highly recommended that you visit an oral hygienist at least once every six months. The hygienist will clean your teeth and often prevent dental issues from cropping up in the first place. Many practices have an oral hygienist on hand that you can make an appointment with. The oral hygienist also may offer other services such as teeth whitening.


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