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Are you looking for a dentist in town? To find a dentist in town near your location, simply scroll through the list of towns on the right hand side of this page.

Dentist in Town Tips


What direction is the traffic moving into and out of town during rush hour, and during peak times of the day? It is often best to make a dental appointment at off-peak times or at times when you are going in the direction of flowing traffic.


A dentist in town often has more limited parking than a dentist in a suburban area. You may have to park in the street or pay for street or casual parking when you visit a town dentist. Sometimes you may be able to walk or take public transport to the dentist, which is preferable, but in South Africa not always feasible.


A dentist in town will generally be seeing professionals or people who work in a professional or business environment. This means that punctuality is important. Make sure that you come on time for your appointment, and further that your dentist takes you on time. It is often a good idea to call the town dental practice beforehand to find out if your dentist is running according to schedule or is delayed for whatever reason. This can allow you to plan your time better.


Choose a dentist with a professional receptionist and a welcoming atmosphere. You want to feel relaxed and welcome when arriving at the dentist, particularly if you work in a stressful town environment. Remember that you are paying for a service and you deserve to be treated well for it.

Dental Finance

Since a town dentist deals mainly with patients from businesses in the town area, it is generally assumed that these people are earning salaries and are able to pay off debts. This allows them to offer Dental Finance to patients requiring it for any kind of dental treatment.


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