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Choosing the best dental office for your dental needs

A good dental office offers the following:

Family services

When you choose a dental office, you choose one not only for yourself but for the entire family. Is the dentistry practice child friendly, and is it linked to an orthodonist (in case the kids need braces?). Also is it situated in a suburban environment or an office park? These factors count.

Equipment and technology

The dental office you are considering should be keeping up with the times. This means using modern technology and equipment in identifying and solving your dental needs. Many practices these days can even build crowns and prosthetics in the practice, without having to send out to a dental lab.

Solution-orientated approach

Sometimes dentists can only solve problems based on their skills and experience. Have they considered all the options when offering a solution to you, or do they only offer you what they know? If you feel that there may be better options out there for you, shop around. There is nothing wrong with getting a second (or third) opinion when you are asked to spend a lot of money on your teeth.

Payment methods

Check whether the practice allows payment through medical aid, or credit card, or payment in cash. Some practices also offer dental financing options to make it a bit easier for you to pay for your procedure.

Practice specialty and specialisation

Not all dental offices are the same. Some specialise in a specific area of dentistry such as cosmetic dentistry or preventative dentistry. Make sure the practice has expertise and skills that match your needs, you don’t want to find out when it’s too late that you chose the wrong surgery.


Finally, there is nothing wrong with old fashioned friendliness and commonality when dealing with a dentist. You want someone who is on your side, who listens to your questions and provides you with detailed answers, who remembers you from last time and doesn’t seem to be in too much of a rush to get to the next patient. If you can find this, you’re in luck.


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