Dental Clinics Johannesburg

There are many dental clinics in Johannesburg to choose from, ranging from northern to southern Johannesburg.

Dental Clinics Johannesburg

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Finding the right Johannesburg dental clinic for you

When looking for a dentist surgery, make sure you have considered the following factorsL


Is it relatively near you? Location is very important for dental clinics Johannesburg, especially if you need a few appointments or if you have to go during your work hours. You don’t want the added stress of traffic or not being able to find your way when you are in a rush. Also, it is nice to support dentists (and of course other businesses) in your locality.

Family needs

Is the Johannesburg dental clinic family-orientated? You may want to check if you plan on bringing the entire family to the clinic. Sometimes dental clinics in Johannesburg offer baby or child-caring facilities, or provide toys and play areas for kids. Also it helps if you entire family goes to the same dentist, so that he or she can get a greater overview of your family’s dental needs and dental history.

Medical aid

Does the practice offer medical aid rates? This is important if you are on a budget. Alternatively, you may be looking for a more exclusive clinic for cosmetic dental needs.

Oral Hygiene

Are there oral hygienists on hand if you want teeth cleaning or teeth whitening? Often hygienists work within a clinic, and you can go to them as regularly as you see the dentist.


Is the practice linked to an orthodontist in case your or one of your children needs braces? You will often need to work this in conjunction with the dentist.


Is the practice affiliated with Dental Finance?


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