Are You Gargling Your Way to Poor Health

Many mouthwashes currently in the market contain alcohol to kill the bad bacteria that cause halitosis (bad breath) but, that burning sensation that we get when swirling it around our mouths is not necessarily a good thing.

Alcohol does destroy bacteria, all bacteria, both the good and the bad. This poses a major problem, as the good bacteria are vital in maintaining good oral and dental health. Alcohol is also a desiccant, meaning that it dries out any surface that it comes into contact with, which means that it slows down saliva production. Less saliva impacts on the successful flushing away of bad bacteria. Therefore, with long-term use, alcohol-based mouthwash can lead to mouth sores, dental decay, gum disease and as studies have shown, is often associated with mouth cancer.

As important, are the dangers that it poses for children. As most children tend to swallow some of it they are being exposed to an alcohol intake on a daily basis and if consumed in large quantities, it has been known to be fatal.

The PUREFRESH Natural Herbal Oral Rinse contains no alcohol, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate), fluoride or sugar. Instead, pure plant extracts were carefully chosen to maintain overall oral and dental health throughout the day. It is a safe and healthy alternative for cleaning the tongue and between the teeth. The oral rinse with its soothing anti-inflammatory properties can also be used to counter the first signs of a cold.

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