5 most asked dental questions

1. Why do we lose teeth?

The number one reason we lose teeth is because of tooth decay followed by gum (periodontal) disease.

Tooth decay can be very high in children and makes it the major cause of tooth loss in children.

2. What causes gum (periodontal) disease?

Plaque forms a film that covers the teeth. Plaque has no color and it is very stick, since it is a bacteria and it uses sugars and carbohydrates to make an acid like substance.This substance erodes the tooth enamel.

As a result of the breakdown of enamel we have tooth decay. This causes the acid to dissolve more and more deeply into the tooth, through the enamel into the dentine.

This process can occur as early as 15 – 20 minutes after eating.

3. Can gum (periodontal) disease be avoided?

The simple answer is yes. The plaque must be removed efficiently and we should limit the amount we expose our teeth to sugary treats.

Flouride treatments are available from our dental professionals, and sealats can be placed. Frequent oral hygienists visits are advisable.

4. What is an oral hygienist?

An oral hygienist is a dental professional or dental educator that works closely with a dental practitioner.

He or she give services supporting the dental health care you require.

The oral hygienist specializes in teeth cleaning and polishing. Ask your oral hygiene for instructions so you can carry out a maintenance plan at home.

These professionals have to be registered with OHASA (Oral Hygienists Association of South Africa), so be sure to check.

5. What tooth paste should I use?

There are thousands of toothpastes on the market in South Africa, from Natural, whitening, gels, sensitive.

It does not matter which brand you chose, what is important is the toothpaste itself.

In some areas of South Africa the water has flouride in it, but in a lot of cases this substance is missing. Thus it is always wise to chose a toothpaste that contains flouride.

Some toothpastes have chemicals in which offer whitening or tar tar control and these can cause some slight gum irritation.

It is always best to check with a dental professional who can suggest and guide you through the right choice.


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